Ontwerp, distributie & inrichting van standaard en maatwerk vitrines voor particulieren en professionals al 30 jaar.


An eco-participation furniture is set up for the management of used furniture from 1 May 2013.
Everyone participates in the protection of the environment.

Today we wish to draw your attention to the establishment in 2013 of a sector management at the end of life of professional furniture components. This pathway is regulated by the decree of January 6, 2012 (Decree No. 2012-22), which gives obligation director on the French market of furniture, set up a system of separate collection and treatment of waste elements furnishing.

To meet their obligations, the directors have created market and decided to join Valdelia approved by the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and Eco-Energy Agency.
With the establishment of this industry own professional furniture recycling, furniture holders will be eligible for a real service to meet the specific needs and meet ambitious targets for collection and recycling.

Valdelia offers a collection and treatment of waste Elements Furniture (DEA) to the holders certain conditions since March 2013. We mainly wanted to draw your attention to the establishment of an Eco-contribution for any purchase of professional furniture components.

Eco-contribution will be:
- Displayed, singly in addition to the sale price on the invoices,
- Passed the same to the end customer,
- Do not stand up or discount or trade discount,
- Subject to VAT

Therefore, all commands that we will from 1 May 2013, will be impacted by an eco tax price of the window you will find the details in the new prices and specifications sent from this date. If you want more information about any team Vitrina Creations is available to answer your questions.

The selling price of catalogs, brochures and advertisements VITRINA CREATIONS edited before 05/01/2013 do not take into account the amount of eco-participation that are applied to this date.

For the solutions developed by Valdélia and track their progress, we invite you to regularly visit the site: www.valdelia.org

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